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Richard Jones


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Richard is very excited about the competitive advantage Project Hercules’ predictive science and machine learning technology can do for local media companies and advertisers in the digital media
marketing space. This technology is on the forefront of the next evolution of programmatic and performance marketing, and it’s an exciting opportunity for those who engage early.

Richard is President, co-founder and owner of Proven Performance Media, a company dedicated to performance focused marketing, technology, and pricing models with emphasis in supporting local
media companies with a focus on community journalism and advertising.

Proven Performance Media was started by Richard and two others in 2014 within the AH Belo Co. (owner of The Dallas Morning News) and sold to Richard in 2017. Richard has held positions with The
New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Dallas Morning, and Boeing and has sat on many trade, non-profit, and association boards. While he wouldn’t consider himself a serial entrepreneur just yet, he has started or invested in several startups over the past 15 years, and is excited about the opportunities
Project Hercules will bring to our partners.

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