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Limin Lin

Principal Scientist 

Limin Lin Pro Head Shot 20181218.jpg

As Principal Scientist, Dr. Limin Lin oversees Project Hercules' scientific development, along with its application to client needs and product development. Limin is a data mining researcher whose professional experience includes both academia and industry practice. She has also been Associate Professor of Information Management and Information Systems at Fudan University, China.

Along with leading the the company's scientific work, Limin also enjoys being involved on the business side of the house; and in particular, working directly with clients to ensure their success. 

Limin holds a Ph.D in Applied Mathematics, along with an MS in Applied Mathematics and a BS in Mathematical Statistics from Fudan University. She is an expert in data mining techniques and is extensively experienced in data-related works including data processing, analyzing and modelling both on the theoretical level and in terms of applying these scientific techniques to practical business problems. 

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