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Our Mission is to build the most powerful independent data activation platform for the future of programmatic marketing.


Our Vision is: marketers, agencies, and publishers as the true masters of data activation.



Programmatic marketing technology has been successful in enhancing efficiency. But it has fallen well short of its potential in terms of marketing and advertising effectiveness.

We have left behind the fax machine and moved toward a world of connected devices and machine generated data. However, the control over data, its methodological applications, and the technology used to deploy it has steadily slipped away from principles like marketers, agencies, and publishers and toward walled gardens, aggregated media companies, and tech infrastructure providers.

Advertisers and publishers are being forced to rely ever more upon generic data and media solutions in lieu of their own proprietary assets, and agency core competencies like creative and strategy are forced to take a back seat to generic audience segments. In effect, marketing and advertising effectiveness is limited to the preferences of DSPs and publisher yield strategy to that of the SSPs.


The incentives are not aligned.

As early innovators in programmatic marketing, the Project Hercules team set out to solve this problem with a keen understanding of the technological and organizational limitations across the space. We determined that the key limiting factor is the inability of the principles to activate all their proprietary data assets simultaneously and in a fully protected manner according to their own strategies. Therefore, the solution was to build from scratch a fully dedicated, world class data activation platform that is self contained with regard to the three pillars of effective data activation:

  1. Data aggregation and unification

  2. Predictive science and optimization

  3. Data deployment


Rather than relying upon fragmented technology, with Project Hercules, clients can have a single platform that performs the three key functions required for effective data activation within one fully integrated, centralized data activation master node that they control and can deploy from behind their firewalls.

It is also necessary to have the right business model. We do not sell any media or data segments. Rather, Project Hercules is a pure play, enterprise grade data activation platform that is data agnostic, and therefore built to handle evolving data structures.

With Project Hercules, advertisers can deploy a single data activation master node behind their firewalls in the cloud or in their CRM systems. The single master node can activate proprietary data signals across channels and networks for unified attribution, full control, and enhanced marketing effectiveness.

Agencies can leverage their core competencies better by simultaneously optimizing creative, media, and data to be able to deliver a level of programmatic advertising expertise that no walled garden can.

Publishers can have their own data agnostic predictive science, and the ability to activate it across networks for unparalleled precision in programmatic yield optimization leveraging proprietary data and media in unison.

Project Hercules is no lightweight analytics platform. Its nucleus is comprised of cutting edge predictive science options and is encased within a superhighway of data activation.

Whether clients want to leverage our predictive science or bring their own, Project Hercules is a data activation platform for the 2-percenters who are not ready to accept a world of generic data activation.

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