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Project Hercules for Marketers

Total control. Omni-channel engagement. Cost efficiency.

Our data agnostic platform activates all your data simultaneously for optimal targeting and can be deployed behind your firewall for automatic data protection. 

Effective marketing in a programmatic world hinges on activating proprietary data to engage the right people, with the right message, at the optimal time and place. With increasing competition for the attention of consumers, marketers cannot afford to rely upon generic data solutions. It is imperative marketers possess the unified master node of data activation that can be deployed across channels, devices, and media networks.

Project Hercules' integrated data activation technology provides best of breed data aggregation, predictive science and optimization, and deployment middleware in a flexible package which can be deployed wherever the data resides - CRM, cloud, datacenter. As a platforms-as-as-service offering, it can be fully customized to campaign level data requirements for unprecedented precision and reach.

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