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Project Hercules for Publishers

Optimal yield and revenue. No conflicts of interest. Data protection by design.

A pure data activation platform. We have no competing media or data business. Your data never needs to leave your data center.  

Publishers have traditionally had to settle for generic yield optimization tools that were provided by media or data companies that may have competing interests or stand alone visualization and analytics tools that are not capable of matching the predictive and data activation power of buy side comparables like DSP bidders. This limits the degree to which publishers can leverage their strategic expertise into yield maximizing programmatic strategies.


Project Hercules is a fully customizable, integrated data activation platform for data aggregation, predictive science, analytics and reporting, optimization, and programmatic deployment that publishers can deploy in any data center of their choosing and into any ad server or SSP. With Hercules, publishers can leverage their proprietary data and media assets into yield maximizing programmatic strategies on their own terms.

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